Bolt Togather Steel Brake floater

Bolt togather steel brake floaters

442-342-LC____Left With Axel Clamp ( Pictured )
442-342-RC____Right With Axel Clamp

TWM Racing Products new Bolt togather GM steel brake floater.
It is light weight single bearing design, The double roller bearing allows it to stay stable with a single bearing, thus saving dollars, space & weight.
It can be used with the axel clamp to allow it to be used as a brake floater or a brake clamp.
The brake rod & also the brake rod arm can be removed when being used as an axel clamp.
Can be purchased with or without axel clamp.
Two bearing floater will be available on request.
TWM's brake brackets are machined with CNC machines to exact tolerances for precise caliper & component fit.

SKU: 442-342-LC